Overtime windows becomes cluttered and diminishes in performance. Actions such as adding and removing programs, updates, changes, internet history and cache, as well an increase in stored temp files all lead to performance issues. Windows is a lazy operating system and  does not clean itself. Third party software has to be used to clean and improve windows features, programs and operations. Windows leaves many file folders in place even after removing the programs.  The Windows registry is another important place that becomes, cluttered, unorganized and full of useless line entries.

Consider windows to be much like a file cabinet without help, support, work and diligence they become unorganized, cluttered and a total mess. Voila, That’s windows in a nutshell!

Identify and resolve operating system issues, optimize your PC, and help keep your system running at peak performance. Recommendations are based on a series of system audits that reviews recent software installs, hardware upgrades and status of anti-virus. Here are some of the most prevalent steps we take to optimize your computer; more are available depending on your computers’ issues:

  • Perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance including startup and shutdown optimization, Windows updates, file and program shortcut clean up
  • Enable basic security functions and tweak desktop firewall settings
  • Remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Test and verify hardware and software functionality
  • Optimize computer startup
  • PC optimization removing unnecessary processes
  • System De-fragmentation
  • Clear out cache, cookies and temp files
  • Clean Windows Registry
  • Run malware, adware, spyware and virus scans